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You Have Questions

Updated: Jan 27, 2022

You've found the one you want to spend your life with, the perfect wedding dress, location and hairstyle. Now, it's time to get inspired for your wedding day glam. Maybe you love a good Kardashian-inspired look or perhaps a more natural glow. So, before you start signing contracts and booking bridal previews there are a few questions you might have if to see if I'm the right artist for you.


Q: What sets you apart from other makeup artists?

A: With years of training under my belt, I know how to prepare clients to make them feel relaxed while looking their very best. I use classic application techniques that are timeless and yet stay informed on current trends, to help blend the two worlds together flawlessly!

Q: Do you have a list of preferred vendors to use?

A: Yes! From wedding photographers to florists and caterers, we have worked with some of the best companies in the industry & would love to share their information with you!

Q: How many makeup artists will be there at our wedding?

A: All of our wedding collections come with a single makeup artist, except the platinum plan where I will bring an assistant for the day of the wedding.

Q: Will my photos be posted publicly on your site or social media?

A: I respect your privacy and allow each client to decide whether or not they want their photos displayed publicly. I’d love to show off you & your images, if you’re game! If not, that's okay, too.

Q: Will our photos get featured in a magazine or blog?

A: While many of our sessions do get featured, this isn't something that is guaranteed. Mostly the images will be used to showcase in my portfolio of work.

Q: Will payment be required before the day of the wedding?

A: Payment of services must be complete 1 week prior to the wedding date. 1/2 of the total amount is required two weeks prior, the remaining 1/2 is required 1 week prior. Any last minute bookings (less than 2 weeks in advance) will include a $50 service fee.



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