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Investing In Your Day

Updated: Jan 27, 2022

Do I really need to invest in professional makeup on my wedding day?

yes! yes! yes!

You hire a professional photographer, videographer, venue, buy the perfect dress, and spend countless hours planning every detail of your day. Two things will remain long after the day has ended: how you felt that day and your photographs.

Getting Ready is Half The Fun:

Chances are you'll spend up to half of your wedding day, just getting prepared for the ceremony. You'll be surrounded by your closest family and friends. So, why make it more stressful than it has to be? By hiring a professional you get to focus on the fun, while we take care of business for you.

Let's Get Your Ready For Your Forever!

  1. Reach out to see if your wedding day is available

  2. Book your Bridal Preview

  3. Put down deposit to secure your date

  4. Relax, we'll see you on your big day!



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